All you need to know about 'Furloughed workers'

A Job Retention scheme has been launched enabling employees to receive 80% of their usual pay which is subject to Tax, NI, and Pensions and is treated exactly how normal pay would be treated. 

This is up to the value of £2,500 per month and employers can top up the remaining 20% if they wish to do so.

For an employee to be classed as 'Furloughed' they must remain on leave for a minimum of 3 weeks. At which point they can then return to work.

There can be multiple periods for furloughed workers and therefore employees can be furloughed a multiple times up to the maximum 3 months currently offered to 31st May.

You cannot undertake work for your employer while on furlough.

Limited company directors are entitled to the same as all other employee's and can furlough themselves and take 80% of their usual salary (Dividends are not included).

You should write to any staff that is going to be furloughed.
You must have been on your employer’s payroll on 28th February.

If you’re on Sick leave/SSP/Self Isolating you can be furloughed once your sick period ends.

If you have been made redundant after 28th February you can be re-hired by your previous employer and put on furlough.

If you have multiple jobs you can be furloughed by each of the employers and receive up t the £2,500 per job.

Even if you have been furloughed you may also be able to claim universal credit due to earning less.

If your monthly pay changes you will be entitled to the Higher of 'The same month last year' or the 'average of your monthly earnings in the last year'

Currently your employer can still make you redundant after a period of furlough. We have heard other countries stating to claim the grant you must keep employees employed for a certain duration after receiving the grant otherwise it can be repaid.

You can choose not to be furloughed but if you do your employer can terminate your employment subject to usual redundancy rules.