Interest Rate 0.1%

Bank of England cuts base rate to 0.1%, the lowest ever in history.

The Bank launches its second set of emergency measures this week as QE is re-started and the rate cut further.
The Bank launches its second set of emergency measures this week as QE is re-started and the rate cut further.



The chancellor has announced an increase in the small business coronavirus cash grant, taking it from £3,000 to £10,000.
Eligibility is still based around rate relief. Those who qualify for Small Business Rate Relief (SBBR) or Rural Rate Relief will be able to get the funding.
Businesses will be contacted by their local authority - they do not need to apply. The funding will be provided to local authorities in early April. Guidance for local authorities on the scheme will be provided shortly.
There is also Grant funding of £25,000 for retail, hospitality and leisure businesses with property with a rateable value between £15,000 and £51,000.

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Together we can get through this!

UK government puts IR35 tax reforms on hold for a year

A very sensible decision which will save a lot of contractors being put out of work due to employment contracts not being offered because of Coronavirus.…/uk_ir35_tax_reform_postpon…/…/uk_ir35_tax_reform_postpon…/'This is a deferral, not a cancellation' official insists
'This is a deferral, not a cancellation' official insists

Coronovirus Contact Request

With the outbreak of Coronavirus and case numbers increasing by the day we ask clients to only visit our premises if absolutely necessary and to NOT attend at all if you have any known symptoms

We are a small office and need to maintain a healthy workforce in order to meet clients demands and other important deadlines. 

Thank You for your continued support


Coronavirus update

We would like to update our clients and any non-clients on our views and what we know so far in this uncertain time for the economy and in particular small businesses.

We as Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors are here to help and support you in any way that we can. We have already had lengthy conversations with understandably worried business owners and understand the strain Coronavirus is having particularly on small businesses.

It was announced that help would be available for any employers whose employees self isolate for 2 weeks with sick pay (£94.25 per week) able to be reclaimed from HMRC and therefore at no cost to the employer.

A £3,000 grant for the smallest businesses may be available through local authorities. It is not clear yet how and when this would be available.

People will be able to claim Universal credit and access advance payments without the current requirement to attend a jobcentre.

Cash flow for small businesses will be a major factor and with VAT, PAYE, Corporation & Self Assessment taxes due at various stages in the year HMRC have announced a dedicated helpline (0800 0159 559) which can be contacted in order to relieve financial pressure by setting up a bespoke Time to Pay arrangement.

The government is temporarily increasing business rates retail discount to 100% in 2020-21 for properties with a rateable value below £51,000.

HMRC has introduced a Business Interruption Loan scheme so that banks are now in a position to give further credit to small businesses with funds being made available to the value of £2 billion for Lloyds banking group and £5 billion from Natwest. 

There have so far been no other major announcements regarding small business other than reassurance they would be supported in this time of need. We are anticipating there will be more news to be announced at any moment and will be monitoring this closely.

We are becoming aware of insurance companies stating in the event of a lockdown where business’s are being forced to shut they are not going to pay out for loss of earnings (although this may vary from provider to provider).

Our advice so far is to regularly check for updates on changes and to mitigate and cut costs wherever possible along with not entering into any unnecessary financial commitments with the near future uncertain.

If you have fixed employee costs these may need to be reviewed by talking to your staff about temporary layoffs or putting them on short time. Although we do not want to see any employees struggle financially, a short term temporary layoff is going to be a better alternative than pushing the business to the point it has to close in turn your staff permanently losing their jobs.

If you are finding yourself with surplus time due to activity reducing it is important to utilise this time wisely by getting admin/bookkeeping up to date, planning for worst case scenarios, planning for best case scenarios and even thinking of promotions/marketing and ways to generate revenue when things start to return to normal.

We encourage everyone more than ever to support and use your small local businesses and high street stores where available in this time of need. 

Key next steps for your business

Plan ahead – Assess the best and worst case scenarios and what you can do in each event, this about cashflow first and forecast.

Financials - Keep on top of your bookkeeping, with businesses at risk worldwide it is important to keep on top of debtors to reduce the possibility of bad debts.

Communication - Communicate with all key stakeholders, speaking and being open with staff, increasing the level of trust and being as transparent as possible could be the key to survival.

Insurance - Check with your broker or insurance company if you can make a claim on your business continuity policy for any financial losses suffered.

Train staff - In case of prolonged staff absences from the virus, cross-train your key staff so that your business can continue to function at all times.

Slash Overheads - Look at all the costs of your business and reduce non-essential expenses, fixed costs such as wages, rent, utilities, financing costs and tax liabilities are not affected by a decline in sales and need to be properly managed and reduced where possible.

We are constantly monitoring this situation and when any news/updates become available we will we relay this on our face book page. If you do not already follow/like our page please feel free to do so to be kept up to date.

Together we can get through this!

Sunak delivers Budget to meet ‘challenging times’

Chancellor Rishi Sunak delivered his first Budget, and the first since the UK’s departure from the European Union, against the backdrop of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Chancellor announced a £30 billion stimulus package to support the economy through coronavirus contagion and pledged to give the NHS whatever extra resources are needed to cope. 

Following the news that the Bank of England had reduced interest rates to 0.25%, in an emergency response to the coronavirus, Mr Sunak put further measures in place. 

These include Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) for employees who are advised to self-isolate, even if they are displaying no symptoms. The government will also meet some SSP costs for businesses.

In addition, business rates for shops, cinemas, restaurants and music venues in England with a rateable value below £51,000 have been suspended for a year. This tax holiday will be worth up to £25,000 to thousands of businesses across the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors. 

Citing the latest economic forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility, Mr Sunak said the economy is predicted to grow by 1.1% this year. However, the GDP forecast does not fully account for the impact of coronavirus. 

Click here to view the full March 2020 Budget Report

Huge Congratulations

to Richard Ratcliffe on passing his final ICAEW examination and on his qualification as a Chartered Accountant. Richard is seen here being welcomed into the Institute in London and receiving his very well and hard earned prize for being the highest placed student in Staffordshire and Shropshire, quite an achievement!


Excuses, excuses!

Here are HMRC’s Top 10 excuses from last year for late tax returns– You’ll be glad to know that “the dog ate it” makes a welcome return, but what was the Number One reason?

In reverse order:

10. Sorry, but the postman doesn’t actually deliver to my address
9. My internet was broken
8. It’s my husband’s fault – he told me the deadline isn’t until 31 March
7. One of my workmates borrowed my return to photocopy…..and lost it
6. I couldn’t send it in as my child drew all over it
5. My husband left me…..with the accountant. I’m now trying to find a new accountant. [No mention of finding a new husband, though!]
4. The dog ate it!! [And it was a hungry dog as the excuse also claimed the dog ate all the reminders as well.]
3. My wife helps me do it but she had a headache….for ten days
2. There was a wasp in my car and it caused an accident, destroying the car and the tax return

And, this year’s Number One is…..

1. My tax return was on my yacht…..which caught fire!!!

Please be careful! 

A number of our clients have been receiving an email or text message pretending to be from HMRC stating that they are due a tax refund.

This email/text usually contains a link which when clicked can download a virus to your computer or alternatively when clicked has an option to put in your bank details!

HMRC will never send you an email or text stating you are due a refund, therefore please delete anything of the sort to avoid these sorts of scams/virus's.

Stay Safe!

Socks and Chocs donation

Dalton Pardoe donating £250 to a local charity group 'Socks and Chocs for the Homeless‘ who do a great job in Wolverhampton and surrounding areas providing homeless people with a few basic home comforts at Christmas.