About Us

Keith Pincher MBA, DipM, MCIM, FRSA

My role within Dalton Pardoe is to provide business advice in Sales, Marketing and Business Strategy particularly relating to Startups, Buyouts and Takeovers.

In the 80's I formed a contract services business which in seven years grew to a national concern employing over 700 people.  At that point it was sold it to a multinational plc and together with a group of like-minded friends I formed a management consultancy business specialising in process improvement designed for the service sector. At this time I was also a director of an advertising agency.

We built a portfolio of well known businesses which included Rail Franchises, Banks, Government Agencies and the like, providing management consultancy and staff and director training courses. We did not neglect small business though, and worked with government agencies to help new startups and grant recipients.  I also worked for the Prince's Trust in a voluntary capacity, as well as coaching swimming and athletics. More recently I have served as a school governor and a parish councillor.

I am now mostly retired, but am on hand when required to provide my services to the clients of Dalton Pardoe.